I START: Health and Exercise Professionals​

The I START Tool is an education and conversation tool for co-developing muscle strengthening exercise prescriptions for people with rheumatoid arthritis. To learn more and meet one of the patient partners involved in this work, watch this 4-minute video: ​


This video includes 30 minutes of content and 30 minutes of Q and A. You will learn about i) the benefits of strength training for people with rheumatoid arthritis, ii) Rheumatoid arthritis-specific barriers to strength training, iii) Exercise prescription strategies that consider disease symptoms and barriers

Quick Guide Fact Sheet

This quick guide gives an overview of how to have a strength training conversation and links you to key resources to learn more about rheumatoid arthritis and supporting behaviour change​

Online Quick Guide Fact Sheet HEP

Printable Quick Guide Fact Sheet HEP

I START Prescription Form: Health and Exercise Practitioner

Use this during your session and give your client a copy of the exercises once completed​

Online Prescription Form HEP

Printable Prescription Form HEP

I START Prescription Form: Client

Share this with your client. Ideally, your client is able to review, answer the questions, and send to you in advance of your session.​

Online Prescription Form Client

Printable Prescription Form Client

I START Exercise Videos

All of our recommended exercises are demonstrated by people living with rheumatoid arthritis with key coaching cues and ways to make the exercise harder or easier.​

I START Exercise Videos

Case Study: Sample Filled Questionnaire​

Review the sample filled questionnaire and use the Health and Exercise Professional Form to create an exercise prescription.

Case Study: Sample Filled Exercise Prescription

This sample filled exercise prescription gives examples of what your co-developed exercise action plan may look like (though there are several answers- remember to work together with your client to reach a good fit).

Toolkit Contributors

Project lead: Jasmin Ma
Project team: Alison Hoens, Caitlin Chiu, Davin Hu, Diane Lacaille, Eileen Davidson, Heather Walker, Jon Collins, Karen Tsui, Keeva Duffey, Linda Li, Lisa Harris, Louella Sequiera, Marie Westby, Myah Sisson, Sadiq Jiwa, Shanon McQuitty

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